That you forged ahead with this despite the fact that Zoom was not intended to be theater. very inspiring  --  David Silberger


This was a great event.The story really drew me in. I wanted more! -- Alix Keast


I loved the movement and the reveal as it evolved. --  Fred Silverman


Wonderful characterizations of folks I know ---Michael Koehler


Great twists and turns, humour and emotion well balanced. The acting in all the pieces was terrific. Engaging and really well directed --  Christine Foster


Always love the variety, even within a single theme, as well as the quality of the pieces and the acting. -- Laura Siner


Very funny and excellent cast! --  Samantha Tata


Wonderful to realize the craft of creativity could not be dulled even during our current crisis. So uplifting! -- Diane Greenwald


Both actresses were able to draw me into their emotions and conflicting points of view and I found myself completely absorbed. --  D’vora Greisman


The escape to a creative place where new plays and ideas can be showcased.

Great job to everyone involved! --  Jeff Prewitt


It was very funny and smart, and well-paced! made me laugh out loud --  Sierra Libin


it really just dealt with a purity of love and connection to others  -- Dan Capalbo


Important opinions were expressed using humor and not lecture. The play and the actors involve the audience as a participant rather than just an observer --  John Smith