This was a great event.

The story really drew me in. I wanted more!

--Alix Keast

I loved the movement and the reveal as it evolved.

--Fred Silverman

Wonderful characterizations of folks I know

--Michael Koehler

well done performances


Important opinions were expressed using humor and not lecture. The play and the actors involve the audience as a participant rather than just an observer.

 They were engaged totally even when not speaking. And they made me laugh!

--John Smith

The performance was very captivating.

--Mynga Duong

It really just dealt with a purity of love and connection to others

--Dan Capalbo

The  writing was brilliant, the performances clear & spot on, so strong direction too. 

 --Michael Gnat

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More our audiences have to say about the BelieveAbility Plays: 

Blind Larks SS.png

I was on the edge of my seat worrying about these four characters. A great play to open with too. Immediately got our attention and kept it. Also used silence and was very selective with dialogue. I really was impressed. Well, directed and acted as well

--Anita Hollander


Just want to say that everyone was wonderful...The Plays Were Written Very Well...You Guys Better Get Ready...This Theater Company Is Going To Take Off Beyond Your Wildest Imagination!

--Dylan Roche

Short, snappy dialogue and familiar characters doing the unexpected! Huzzah!

Great job with the Zoom platform. It's tough to acclimate, but your productions were seamless!

--Joe Norton

I loved how the range of plays was so wide, especially for a themed festival. All the actors were wonderful. It was also a great mix of drama and comedy, and it was nice having a bit of music thrown in.

--Summer Reyes

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