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The BelieveAbility Virtual Reading Series was presented May through  August 2020 with great success to thousands of viewers who enjoyed "staged" Zoom play readings on the various and many ways that people express, celebrate and challenge beliefs, in a time when faith has been so important. 
Through post show discussions, facebook and zoom chat commentary, polls and website surveys, positive and engaging feedback rushed in on the impact of this subject matter! We aim to carry forward 8 of the best of these short  plays to the Off-Broadway Showcase production, continuing to involve a diverse cast and maintaining a ratio of at least 50 percent women and/or TGNC individuals on our team of creatives. 

Audience members emphasized that more than anything the plays were about compassion, acceptance and connection.  Below were the original guidelines.

the right to believe,
FREEDOM to practice, worship and have Faith in --
WHATever you choose
                    FREE from inequity, FREE from persecution, and FREE from Judgment.



  • Title and Theme:  BelieveAbility  -- religious freedom, equality and/or the right to pursue faith in any form. 

  • The deadline date : NOW : April 30th, 2020

  • How to submit: Please send in MS Word format to: or through the website. In an Intro few lines, PLEASE tell us HOW you feel your play addresses the subject matter. 

  • The length of plays/musicals wanted: 10-minutes (approx 10 pages)

  • The type of opportunity being offered:   Semi-finalists will be selected to have their scripts performed in a series of Staged Readings in the Spring, directed and acted by professionals in NYC, that includes post reading discussions and receptions in the Theater District area. The Final 8 chosen for the Full Off-Broadway Showcase Production in the Fall will receive a royalty payment, enhanced billing on the website, Playbill and social media promotions and additional press opportunities. 

  • Requirements: Plays must fit the theme and Guidelines of the Festival and mission of The Alternative Theater Company. Plays must not have been previously produced and/or published.

  • Title and Theme:  BelieveAbility : religious freedom, equality and/or the right to pursue ANY faith of choice. 

  • Guidelines:  2-5 characters, relevant to contemporary society, addresses the subject matter within the first three pages, does not have an elaborate set. In an Intro letter, PLEASE tell us HOW you feel your play addresses the subject matter! More weight  will given to plays that have a qualified, available director attached. Should you wish to propose a directorial partnership, please include their bio, contact information and a brief paragraph from them regarding their vision of your play. 

  • Limit to number of play submissions: 2

  • Notification: Playwrights will be notified on receipt of their submission by auto-response only.

       There are three rounds and three Staged Readings. First Semi-finalists will be announced on the website and social media         by April 2nd, 2020, and contacted personally prior to that date. 

  • Fees: There are NO participation fees expected of the Playwright at ANY time. This is a Professional Union production.



The Alternative Theater Company  encourages diversity, risk taking, freedom of

expression and challenging the boundaries of normative linear structure.

Casting inquiries can be sent to with a headshot and resume. Please only those with theatrical experience apply.


Astrology .               Crystals                             Tea Leaves .                 Karma       

The Universe           Serendipity.                      Love                             Music

Psychics .                 Buddhism .                       Christianity .                Judaism

Mother Earth          Santoria .                           Paganism .                   Wiccan

Mythology              The Upside Down .           Yoga                             Zulu

Tarot Cards             Scientology .                     Spirits/Ghosts .           Muslim

Spirits/Ghosts .      Aliens .                               Falun Gong .                Hinduism

These were the details for the submissions for the BelieveAbility Plays-- this Deadline was for 2020. Three series of plays of  Zoom Reading were done Summer 2020, out of which 8 Finalist will be chosen to be produced  hopefully by Winter 2023. 

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