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Happy New Year! from The #metoo Plays Team and The Alternative Theater Company!


The #metoo Plays completed a successful run in New York City, many thanks to all the talented artists and generous supporters! Thanks to ALL who made this remarkable experience possible!

As most in the arts know, ticket prices alone don't meet the expenses of launching a production so please make OUR 2019 even brighter and DONATE!

It may be too late for 2018 taxes but you can STILL support The #metoo Plays with your tax deductible DONATION at

Future productions are in the works-- stay tuned!

and keep the conversation going!



Washington Monument by W.A. Walters
Directed by Daniel Capalbo Jr.
with Riley Donahue, Jon Freda*, Broghanne Jessamine, and Isaac J.Conner.
Lisa's assault was covered up years earlier and the perp walked free. She arrives in Washington only to discover he's hiding in plain sight. Will power politics win again or will justice prevail?

When Guys Talk by Angela Cerrito
Directed by Celine Havard
with Rusty Riegelman*, Connor Ausman, Anastasia Marchelos and Kavion Sabio.
Two teens shoot the breeze and joke about rape. An eavesdropping customer wonders how much longer can we just stand by doing nothing.

A Criminal Report by Mercedes Segesvary
Directed by Karen Carpenter
with Douglas Davis and Zahyde Pietri.
Did he really blatantly admit to a brutal rape?
A journalist experiences a shift in reality when like all criminals, Daniel Johnson has a complicated relationship with the truth.

He Said, He Said by Judy Dodd
Directed by Celine Havard
with Jacob Lesh*, Llewellyn Connolly and Isabel Lorraine.
Cliff Lecher thought he was adorable. Chris Cox would do anything for the part. When an actor and a director tell their extreme sides of the story we see that memory can be very subjective. It's the Assistant who wonders where we'd be without all these games.

The Bedroom Summit by Scott Sickles
Directed by Steven Petrillo
with Blaine Mizer and Anthony Notarile.
Boyd was his best friend when they were boys. Now he's his target? A peek into the mind of a complicated bully. Things aren't always black and white.

Can You Hear Me Now? by Nicole Amsler
Directed by Jean Tait
with Erin Bradford, Nicole Flender* and Florence Pape.
Grandma's beeping phone is hiding a deeper secret than her hate for tech. three generations of women relate to each other around their understanding, and comic misunderstanding of the #metoo movement.

Wounded Warrior by Jeff Strausser
Directed by Christine Cirker
with Douglas Davis, Tiffany Esteb and Samantha Wendorf
A moving play about a vet who comes to the home of her rapist to face him and his wife.

Crush by Sarah Elizabeth Grace
Directed by Judy Dodd
with Erin Bradford, Leah Miller and Lauren Schaffel*
When 14-year-old Steph falls for an older castmate in a community theater show there's no way she could know what being a victim meant. A bittersweet #metoo play that captures the innocence and the exploitation of youth.



Two Girls by Allie Costa
Directed by Karen Carpenter
with Faith Taylor and Clara Tristan
Two girls face danger, face fear. Because of a chromosome? Or just.. Because. Of being in some arbitrary wrong place at the wrong time? Two girls find courage, and strength and, slowly find their way to themselves again.

Normal by Christine Foster
Directed by Celine Havard
with Priscilla Diaz and Joseph Knipper.
Coming home from a party Sherry gets jumped. She reasons with her attacker and escapes. Or does she? This real life chess match takes you inside the head of an unlikely perpetrator and a "Normal" girl who refuses to be a victim.

Elevator Repair by Steve Apostolina
Directed by Judy Dodd
with Mark J. Becks* and Dustin Pazar
Manny doesn't get why he can't talk about a certain part of a woman's anatomy in a certain way. His enlightened friend Ray tries to set him straight. Manny's comic quips and sincere confusion ensues.

Tip by Frank Tangredi
Directed by Hazen Cuyler
with Chris Curtland, Conor Andrew Hall, and Joey Rotter
When Logan, a young journalist finds himself in an awkward position with a female boss who appreciates him for more than his writing skills, his distress isn’t the joke his roommate thinks it is.

Family Planning by John Minigan
Directed by Bill Walters
with Samantha Browne-Walters* and Camille Mazurek*
High school senior Angela tells her mother Bella something that makes her question her own moral compass to help her terrified daughter.

Hometown Premier by Carol Hollenbeck
Directed by Dan Capalbo, Jr.
With Conor Andrew Hall and Corrieanne Stein*
Rising starlet Lyn gets a visit from an old high school classmate-turned-reporter and they’re both in for some surprises.

The Proceedings by Thomas J. Misuraca
Directed by Jean Tait
with Emily Cordes, Jeffrey Mark Cusumanos, Chris Curtland and Faith Taylor
Girl meets boy. Boy meets Girl's lawyer. A jestful dating negotiation post #metoo send-up.

Some Boys by Daniel Capalbo, Jr.
Directed by Celine Havard
with Connor Ausman and Isaac J. Conner
He thinks he may be marked and that's why pedophiles know they can get away with it. An older man revisits the memories of his childhood abuse while his alter ego takes us along on a wild adventure born of survival.

*Actors appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

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