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Altered Minds : Off- Broadway Showcase













Into the Arms by Russ Cusick


Desperate and dazed, Joe suddenly arrives into the compassionate arms of a mysterious stranger.

Russ Cusick takes us on a journey beyond- shining a new light on suicide

directed by Drucie McDaniel

with Ken Coughlin and Russ Cusick*

Hang-ups by Brett Hursey

Selena’s nervous to tell Ted about her unusual job. Ted has some pretty nervous issues of his own.

This quirky comedy pushes these endearing characters to extremes and when something’s gotta give karma has the last laugh,

directed by Celine Havard with Sharon Lesser* and Paul Thomas Ryan*




Crossroads of the World 

by Mark Okladek

It's 3:00am in the middle of a Times Square subway station in the 80s, he's stuck in a turn-style with no one in sight

but a Homeless guy who has some unusual friends.  A very exhausted young business man whose encounter with

an indigent war vet is on a trip he wasn't bargaining on

directed by Brian Henry with Jake Lesh* and Jason Yudoff






Phone Friend 

by Jonathan Josephson


"If you ever wanted to dial that number, or call me, talk to me, for whatever cosmic reason you might want to - I’m here.

It’s Traci. Not a roto-dial fuckhead" Two lonely strangers connect when a widower keeps dialing his wife's old number

and one day... someone else picks up, directed by Judy Dodd with Jillie Simon* and Paul Thomas Ryan*


Hero by Phil Darg

"I’d like to say that it was just another ordinary day . . .

but there was no such thing as an ordinary day over there . . . in Iraq . . . every day is scary as hell "

Lee recounts to Courtney in Phil Darg's "Hero," a moving piece about an Iraq War veteran

and a counselor working for the VA, directed by Anita Hollander with Mieko Gavia and Scott Barton*




It Gets Better 

by Logann Grayce


Dottie isn't sure she belongs here-- just sad her husband passed. Beth's  "hopeful"

and going home soon.

Zane's finding a quiet place to take a good shit. And Ruth's just trying to do her job.

These colorful characters are brought together by fate and circumstances,

directed by Jean Tait with Kathryn Gerhardt*,

Mia Kyler (not pictured), Florence Pape and Jun Chen




by Emily Hageman


"You ran around topless with flowers in your hair, banging every person you met" jokes Max to her mom,

but she starts to suspect there's trouble brewing again in this dark comedy

directed by Celine Havard with Janel Koloski and Florence Pape (not pictured)






My Three O'Clock 

by Douglas E. Davis


A formerly suicidal patient arrives to "break-up" with his therapist, they switch places and that's when things get real 

 directed by Daniel Capalbo Jr.

with Michael Sean Cirelli and Lenore Harris*








by Judy Dodd 

When a divorced Jewish couple meets with the Principal of their depressed son's future Middle School

for some emotional support, everyone's mental health hangs in the balance 

directed by Joel Bernstein

with Sharon Lesser*, Bonnie Black* and Jason Yudoff

*Courtesy of Actors Equity Association





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