NYC 2020 Short Play Festival Focusing on Religious Freedom and ANY forms of Faith

the Spring & Summer Staged Reading Series

culminating in the Off-Broadway Showcase Production in the Fall/Winter




by appointment ONLY

Jesus, Hitler & JFK  by Lezley Steele

directed by Alexa Kelly

MARGARET: F 25 years. Faithfully religious. Slight Irish accent.

JOE: M, 30 years. Atheist. 

The Accountant by Elana Basova

directed by Celine Havard

ACCOUNTANT: M. late-30s, handsome, unkempt, trench coat; endearing

SOUL: mid-30s, attractive, ethereal, amused by her own jokes

JEWISH CABBIE: mid-50s; Brooklyn accent; dramatic

MISSIONARY – mid-20s, tall, glasses, nervous, carries a Bible


Madonna of Damascus by Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj

directed by Arpita Mukherjee

Madonna of Damascus: Non-binary, Queer, Syrian. They have a thick

Syrian Accent. They are fluent in Arabic and English.


Alnisa' (Woman in Arabic) F 30-50s versatile and capable of playing all the following:

-Mother: A conservative, deeply religious,

Muslim woman.

- Crazy Old Religious Lady: Aggressive Gypsy

- Uncle: Conservative but also a bully.

- Nurse: Nurse who cares for Madonna after a

suicide attempt.

- Jida: Grandmother of Madonna of Damascus

- U.S. Customs Agent: Agent who questions

Madonna in the airport


Rajul (Man in Arabic) M. 30s-50s, Versatile and capable of playing all the following:

- Father: A conservative, deeply religious, Muslim


- Jamel: Madonna of Damascus’ best friend

- Karan: Madonna of Damascus’ gay best friend

from Damascus

- Gossipy Ex-Boyfriend: He is Madonna’s

boyfriend’s wicked ex-boyfriend.

- Doctor: Kind physician who examines Madonna

- Brother: Evil hearted brother of Madonna of


- Syrian Boatman: Cautious boatman who helps

Madonna cross the Syrian border

- U.S. Customs Agent: Agent who questions

Madonna in the airport


The Land of Caaman by Susan Jackson

directed by Kim Sharp

Basil Carter: f 40s-60s, member 7th day Adventists, caregiver, African American, whose son was recently killed in a police shooting, looking for a release from expectations of others

Sarah Camaan: f 40s-50s, lesbian, Caucasian, wife to Terry, searching her values after the passing of her mother

Terry Camaan: f 40s-50s, lesbian, Caucasian, wife of Sarah, confident, willing to sacrifice to support her wife


Religionistas by Faith de Savign֥é

directed by Michael Susko

Allegra-20 -30s,in tailored suit, with microphone and phone

Autumn- 20- 30s  n colorful clothes with phone, Go-pro

Omar- 20-30s  M, BIPOC, conservative,  carries a stick

Only Angels Have Wings   by Lawrence DuKore

directed by Jean Tait

Max Washington: M, 50 years old; deceased but doesn’t know it

Gabriel:  50 years old, an angel in training

Going Viral by Russell Nichols

directed by Judy Dodd

Paranoid Humanoid: Vlogger/Radio host. Male, 35-55, African American

Viewer 1: Female, Bohemian mythology junkie. 30-50. Any ethnicity

Viewer 2: Male, sexually frustrated film buff. 30-50. Any ethnicity

Viewer 3: Female, biblically inclined avenger. 25-45. Any ethnicity

Six Feet Apart by Frances Rorke  

directed by Drucie McDaniel

Grace: F, 35-50, any ethnicity, quirky but charming in her way. Good hearted over sharer.

Ivan: M, 35-50, any ethnicity, may or may not bear a resemblance to  Will Ferrill. Polite, intelligent. Good person of faith, a little mistrusting and cautious at this moment in time.

Gordon: M, 30-50, any ethnicity, a little slow. Momma’s boy who has never lived alone. Asthmatic, on the heavy side and very high strung.


Final Production:  PAID (all hired for Virtual Reading are given first consideration for Full Production. $20 Honorariam for Reading) 

We are accepting submissions AEA/NonAEA* for the  third Staged Reading.

Email: with headshot and resume  (Not just links please.) 

TATCO is an Equal Opportunity Employer and actively encourages performers of color, performers with disabilities and marginalized creatives to be involved with our company.