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Celine Havard has directed, acted and produced Off Broadway, Off-Off Broadway and Regionally for over three decades. Havard was a founding member of Abingdon Theatre Company, Stagedotorg and The Alternative Theater Company. She's worked with many NYC theater organizations including Pulse Ensemble Theatre Co., The Greenhouse Ensemble,  Intar, the Women’s Project, the Drama League, New Directions, and The New Professional Theatre. Havard edits books, plays for stage and screenplays as a Script Doctor and ghost writer.  For more go to

When we thought about what would come next after Altered Minds we asked the questions "How does one heal?" "Where does one turn?" when dealing with mental health issues--- and "faith" seemed like a natural answer. 
Whether through organized religion, some form of new age spiritual practice or personal informal beliefs, everyone believes in SOMETHING and the ability to do so, FREE from persecution, penalty or judgment is a basic fundamental right that, unfortunately, so many people still struggle, suffer and fight  to achieve.

This is prevalent in many cultures, but we need go no farther than our backyard to see it --- from the tragic stabbing this Hanukkah in a Rabbi's home in Monsey, NY to the Falun Gong protesters who march relentlessly down 42nd street on their way to the Chinese Embassy. In many countries people are jailed, tortured and even murdered for their beliefs. Individuals are attacked for activities as innocent as Christmas Caroling. 

But the  struggle is real for many of us even on a more personal level when we live in such a divisive society that we are afraid of discussing our beliefs on social media without judgment or criticism. Even in this day and age, the subject of faith remains one we shy away from talking about for fear of a lack of acceptance.


Whether you turn to Astrology, Tarot cards, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Crystals, or a faith in pure love or the universe --- whatever YOUR Belief may  be ---  this season is about making space to talk about  ALL the different faiths and is dedicated to your right and "Ability" to pursue and celebrate whatever you Believe! 

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