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As a result of Covid (and related expenses) we were required to postpone our Off-Broadway Showcase Production BelieveAbility and plan to reconvene when it is safe to do so. Hopefully, that will be in the Winter of 2023.



A STAGED READING presented by The Alternative Theater Company and StagedotOrg

under AEA guidelines (union/nonunion) to take place at the Duke Ellington Room near Times Square

for a selected group of invited guests and agents. PAID $100 Stipend.


Save the Man by Kevin Brodie

Director, Celine Havard

MONDAY, June 26, 2023 at 8pm. (Actors must be available for rehearsal starting at 5pm that day.)

Daniel, teenager male, Native American/Latin X

Bijul, teenager, South Asian Female

Sanjula, 40s, South Asian Female

Haashim, 40s, South Asian Male

Pradeep, 60s, South Asian Male


In 1950, a Western Shoshone teenager fleeing his boarding school hides in a barn owned by a family of Sikh immigrants, each must risk their safety to trust the other.Save the Man is based in part on true life experiences from the playwright's grandfather, who was Western Shoshone, and forced to attend an American Indian boarding school when he was a child.

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ALTERED MINDS was honored to be selected as a 2019 qualifying Parity Production for TATCO's hiring practices

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