A Festival of 10 minute plays on : Religious freedom & faith in any form.
ANNOUNCING  BelieveAbility's First Semi-Finalists




When I Dream by Russ Cusick

Director,  Michael Susko


Banging Heads by Terence Patrick Hughes

Director, John DeFilippo


The Pearly Gates by Michael Susko

Director, Jean Tait


Fanatic by Judy Dodd

Director,  Celine Havard


Invisibility by Russell Nichols

 Director,  Judy Dodd


Family Secrets by James Hutchison

Directed by David Malinsky


Very Sorry For Your Loss by Cary Pepper

Director, Celine Havard


The Great Whatever by Barbara Lindsay

Director, Bill Walters

ALTERED MINDS was honored to be selected as a 2019 qualifying Parity Production for TATCO's hiring practices


c/o The Artist Co-op 

The Alternative Theater Company

500 West 52nd St. #3W 

New York NY 10019


Celine Havard

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