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the Third ALTERED MINDS Staged Reading

THANK YOU to everyone who attended and participated 

in this event! It was a GREAT success, playing to a packed house,

standing room only with many staying for a lively informative

 discussion following!


8 Surprising original 10-minute plays that tackle relevant issues on mental health.

INTO THE ARMS by Russ Cusick

Directed by Drucie McDaniel

with Justin Crowley and Russ Cusick*   

MY THREE O'CLOCK  by Douglas E. Davis       

Directed by Daniel Capalbo Jr.

with Michael Sean Cirelli and Lenore Harris*

COME BACK, MISS CALLIOPE  by  Alan Kilpatrick                                    

Directed by Jean Tait

with Paul Thomas Ryan* and Lilia Shrayfer

I AM THE TURTLE by Frances Rorke                                                              

Directed by David Malinsky

with Drucie McDaniel* and Don Scime*

MEDICATION  by Scott Mullen            

Directed by Daniel Capalbo Jr.

with Janel Koloski and Steph Van Vlack

CRIMINALLY INSANE  by Lezley Steele                               

Directed by Celine Havard

with Jon Freda* and  Florence Pape

LUNATIC  by Judy Dodd                                            

Directed by Joel Bernstein

with Olivia Jampol*, Bonnie Black* and Jason Yudoff

THE WAY UP  by  Heidi Kraay                                    

Directed by Judy Dodd

with Thaddaeus Abbott, Sherifa Abudulai, David Malinsky and Lilia Shrayfer

*Actors Appearing Courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

Altered Minds

July 29th Staged Reading

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