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The Semi-Finalist Plays

May 21st

THE 1st #metoo Play Reading Series: BRAVE


And Then I Saw His Dick

by Claire Mascarenhas                                                           Director, Celine Havard

Woman 1: Julie Orkis          Woman 2: Camille Mazurek*          Woman 3:Terra Chaney 


Can You Hear Me Now

by Nicole Amsler                                                                    Director, Arielle Sosland

Donna:Wendy Lazarus         Michelle: Jane Elias                         Chloe: Rachel Slotky


I M = 2 U

by Jonathon Ward                                                                   Director, Toni Salisbury

Dan: John Caliendo                                                                Ann: Samantha Blinn


Family Planning

by John Minigan

Director, Bill Walters

with   Belle Goodman and Camille Mazurek*

High school senior Angela   tells her mother Bella something that  makes her question her own

moral compass to help her terrified daughter.


by Christine Foster

Director, Celine Havard

with   Sarah Elizabeth Grace and  Keegan McDonald

A young woman talks her attacker out of hurting her, only to have him track her down,

insisting she has damaged his self esteem.


Hometown Premier

by Carol Hollenbeck

Director, Dan Capalbo

with   Lezane Havard-Trapani and   Conor Andrew Hall

Rising starlet Lyn gets a visit from an old high school classmate-turned-reporter and they’re both in for some surprises.

Turned On

by Russell Nichols

Director, Keegan McDonald

with   Alexandra Taylor, Michael Pichardo  , Julie Orkis, Joey Rotter

A sci-fi play that explores the concept of consent in the not- so-distant future.

Once Upon a Time's Up

by Robin Doupe

Director, Ellen Fraher

with   Sarah Elzabeth Grace, Wendy Lazarus, Loretta Miller, Joey Rotter and Lourdes Ruiz

One day into happily ever after, Cinderella has killed the prince and called the stepsisters for help.

Will our  fairy tale princess decide it’s time to rewrite her own narrative?

Happy Hour by John Bavoso

Director, Arielle Sosland

with   Priscilla Diaz and Lauren Schaffel

A presumed chance encounter in a dive bar between two women reveals they have more in common

with each other than a fondness for whiskey.

Two Girls by Allie Costa

Director, Toni Salisbury

with Anna Slate and Jillian Stevens

Two girls face danger, face fear. Because of a chromosome? Or just.. Because. Of being in some arbitrary wrong place at the wrong time? Two girls find courage, find strength and, slowly find their way to themselves again.

Phone #: 347 389-3645

The Semi-Finalist Plays

June 25th

A Little Thing

by Jordan Elizabeth Henry

Director, Toni Salisbury

The Audition

by Jack Rushen

Director, Jean Tait

Katherine Arnold

by Robert Connors

Director, Judy Dodd

Elevator Repair

by Steve Apostolina

Director, Celine Havard


by Frank Tangredi

Director, Hazen Cuyler

The Proceedings

by Thomas J. Misuraca

Director, Ellen Fraher

When Guys Talk

by Angela Cerrito

Director, Sara Rademacher

That's All There is Folks

by Frances Rorke

Director, Ran Xia

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